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Do you desire:

¨ A simpler, easier life where you have quality time for YOUR priorities?

¨ More energy for important things?

¨ Less stress to better enjoy YOUR precious time?

¨ Monetary savings from not having to buy a second item because you can’t find or get to the first item?


We can help you eliminate clutter and concentrate on the important.  Solutions are tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR preferences, YOUR budget, and YOUR lifestyle.


Organizing Your Way is ready to help YOU eliminate clutter in the frustrating areas:

¨ Closets and Bookshelves

¨ Kitchens and Pantries

¨ Basements

¨ Garages

¨ Home Offices

¨ Filing Systems

¨ Any Room in Your Home

¨ Downsizing

Concentrating on what is important to YOU!


Services are provided through various formats to best meet YOUR needs:

¨ One-on-one consulting and coaching

· Face-to-face

· Telephone

· Email

¨ Hands-on assistance

¨ Training programs (workshops and seminars)

¨ Click here to see a list of upcoming organizing workshops in your area

¨ Click here to see a list of home-related organizing topics that are available for your group or organization


To learn how Organizing Your Way

can help you with YOUR clutter and time challenges, contact:

LaDonna Rodvold


(605) 878-7588


















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