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Organizing Your Way can speak to your group on a variety of business and home topics. 




























































































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Business-Related Topics


Ready, Set, Thrive

Overcoming paper, space, time, and task management hurdles that slow you down and trip up your effectiveness and professionalism.           

Time frame:  2-6 hours


Help! I’m Drowning in a Sea of Paper

An effective decision-making process for deciding which papers to keep and which to eliminate; an easy-to-use filing system for current working papers and reference material.  Bonus: “Filing 101” – easy, no-nonsense tips no one taught you before.  

Time frame:  2-4 hours


Organizing a Productive Workspace

Organizing (and maintaining!) a workspace that allows for concentration and that facilitates efficiency through simple movement patterns.        

Time frame:  1-2 hours


Where Did the Time Go?

A new view of time that accomplishes the right things at the right times; handling interruptions, conquering time wasters, and embracing time savers; “to do lists” that actually work; choosing a calendar/planner that is right for you.     

Time frame:  1-3 hours


3D Vision

Viewing disgruntled and angry customers with 3D glasses in order to turn those undesirable situations into valuable relationships.

Time frame:  1 hour


SOAR to New Heights

Using the acronym SOAR to help students in grades 6-12 succeed through organizing techniques that will follow them through all the stages of life.    

Time frame:  45-90 minutes


Help Your Child SOAR to New Heights

Helping parents teach their children basic organizing skills that will grow with them throughout the stages of life.

Time frame:  45-90 hours


Lighten Your Load:  Practical Downsizing

Practical tips for sorting through years of accumulation and deciding what stays and what goes so you can spend less time maintaining your possessions and more time enjoying life.

Time frame:  2 hours



What attendees have to say


“LaDonna did an amazing job presenting at our Business Roundup.  She was so poised and confident, an excellent speaker!”  S.K., Sioux City, Iowa

“LaDonna’s message was both uplifting and encouraging to the office workers.  They appreciated her organizing solutions.”  G.M., Sioux Center, Iowa

“Thank you for a GREAT presentation on Friday.  I have heard only good comments from the attendees.”  B.W., LeMars, Iowa

 “Easy to follow, organized, fun.”  Sioux City, IA

“Thank you, LaDonna. This was so encouraging and some good ideas—motivated me.”  K.H., Watertown, SD

 “I have taken three of your classes and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.”  J.M., Sioux City, IA

Home-Related Topics


Conquering Clutter

Quick and easy decluttering; powerful questions for deciding what stays and what goes.

Time frame:  2 hours


Organizing For Results

Finding what you need when you need it; discovering hidden storage spaces.

Time frame:  2 hours


Never Enough Time?

Discover the secrets of doing the right things at the right time.               

Time frame:  2 hours


Paper, Paper Everywhere

Dealing with paper and deciding what to keep and what to toss; finding the papers you need when you need them. 

Time frame:  2 hours


Lighten Your Load:  Practical Downsizing

Practical tips for sorting through years of accumulation and deciding what stays and what goes so you can spend less time maintaining your possessions and more time enjoying life.

Time frame:  2 hours


Organizing Your Way…To Follow His Will

A Biblical perspective and practical tips and techniques for organizing your space, paper, time, and tasks.

Time frame:  1-3 hours provides an overview and brief tips and techniques.  6-12 hours provides an in-depth study and works well for a weekend retreat or a 6-week study.


What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

A Biblical perspective on the “things” we have and the “things” we do, and practical ways to arrange these “things” so we have space and time for the things that matter most.

Based on Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Time frame:  15-90 minutes


Keep Your Eye on the Star

A Biblical perspective on preparing for a memorable, meaningful Christmas season by keeping your eye on the star that points to the Savior’s birth.        

Time frame:  15-90 minutes




What attendees have to say


“What a lifesaver you are!  Thanks for the inspiration!”  N.Y. LeMars, IA

LaDonna did an excellent job presenting the material.  Her enthusiasm is contagious to the audience in their wanting to declutter their lives.”  M.M. Sioux City, IA

“Thank you so much for giving us the tools (knowledge). My kids thank you!” L.A., Watertown, SD

 “Thank you!  You gave me some great ideas and a method to start the process.  You were inspirational and I can’t wait to do some serious work this summer!  The Lord has given you a wonderful gift.”  J.R., Watertown, SD

 “This Bible study was excellent!  It really motivated me to start organizing my home!  I am still in the process!  I’m even using my small snippets of time much more effectually!  And adding the spiritual aspect was great!  Thanks for a job well done!”  M.K., Watertown, SD