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Home Tips

Assign a ‘home’ for every item you possess. 

Immediately after using an item, return it to its ‘home.’  It takes much less time and effort to put the item away immediately and to find it back when needed.

Create a landing pad for your keys, glasses, and wallet.  No more frantic searches when you leave the house.


When eliminating clutter, begin with the things that come into your home on a daily basis.  For example, the mail:  Always, always, always open the mail while standing by the wastebasket or shredder.  Immediately toss or shred the junk mail, the sales flyers and catalogs from the stores you never buy from, the credit card applications, etc.  (Note: In order to protect your identity, be sure to shred or tear in small pieces any credit card applications, etc., that contain personal information.)



Office Tips

Arrange your office to facilitate simple movement patterns.

Can you reach your computer, telephone, calculator, files, etc, with a swivel of your chair?  Do you have all the supplies you use on a daily basis easily accessible?


Keep a spiral notebook handy at all times to record random thoughts you don’t want to forget.  This will eliminate the myriad of scraps of paper, sticky notes, and envelope backs that get lost on your desk, in your wallet, and in your car.


Before starting any new project, immediately make a file folder so you have a “home” for any paper and notes related to that project.  If the project is large, make a new computer file folder to contain all the electronic documents as well.